PayPal is New Money

Twenty years ago, PayPal helped introduce the concept of digital money as a button to buy things securely on eBay. But the brand has a much larger global vision of disrupting the exclusive, stagnant financial industry. To prove there is a better way to move and manage your money, PayPal reintroduced itself to the world... as New Money.

In the U.S., we kicked off at Super Bowl 50.  


Case Study

If you have two minutes to kill, check out the integrated launch and results. Or just keep scrolling, you can always come back.

Hulu "Choose Your Own Adventure" Pre-roll

New Money is everywhere

In addition to the launch work that's been translated for PayPal's top global markets, this new collection of product videos will be seen all over the world, starting in the UK and Germany. Somehow we found a dog that could growl in eight languages.