Old Navy: Human Coupon

When Old Navy was on the verge of hitting 5 million fans on Facebook, we wanted to create more than an ordinary thank you post.

Old Navy: Flip Flop Ice Block

To remind everyone that Old Navy is the place for summer fun and summer fashion, we encased 572 pairs of flip flops in three 22,950 lb. blocks of ice. We put these blocks of ice on busy intersections in Santa Monica, New York City and Tokyo. As the temperatures rose, the ice melted and the flip flops were slowly freed and gifted to pedestrians on the street. 80,000+ visitors attended each installation and 2,466 pairs of flip flops were given out worldwide. And the Flip Flop block was awarded a spot in Communication Arts' Advertising Annual.

Old Navy: Fit For All Fashion Show

Old Navy's new skinny jean was designed to look good on every body type. To demonstrate, we turned NY fashion week's most exclusive location, Bryant Park, into the most inclusive catwalk in town. And yes, that catwalk was even jean-shaped.